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Antico Forno a Legna

the company

Antico Forno a Legna was established in 1992 in Borgolavezzaro, a small town in Northern Italy as a small artisanal pizza workshop. It started to serve local clients and extended soon its distribution to Italy and some foreign countries.
Since its foundation the wood-fired oven was its heart and the artisanal recipes its franchise.

In 2008 Antico had grown to producing and selling € 6 mio frozen and fresh pizzas, as well as frozen bases. 70% was distributed to ten European countries and the USA, focused on high quality pizzas and pizza bases.
In the same year, the current six shareholders purchased the company from its founder and invested into it, to reach € 15 mio sales in 2014 with 80 employees.

Although the huge growth of the business, Antico had protected the original artisanal quality and handmade processes. The wood-fired oven continued to be the heart of the factory.

In 2015 a brand new factory was built and started in Mortara, in the heart of the Lomellina historic region, 7 km south of Borgolavezzaro and 55 km southwest of Milan. The original plant was dismissed after 23 years.

Antico retained most of the staff from Borgolavezzaro in the new 4,500 sqm plant. This has allowed to protect the original skills and capabilities, and to produce the best artisanal handmade pizzas, its specialty since 1992.

The advanced design of the new factory is aimed at ensuring state-of-the-art hygiene standards and to satisfy the increasing global demand for quality and food safety, while preserving the distinctive traditional features of Antico’s pizzas:

In 2017 the new plant in Mortara runs a capacity of 25 million high quality pizzas a year sold in 18 countries around the world.
Antico continues to be committed to the original values of a made-in-Italy pizza: bound to tradition, a seasoned homemade taste and excellence in the selection of ingredients.

These values are spread today worldwide to homes and tables in five continents, where Antico exports its whole production.

18 markets served worldwide